The Joy of Racing Reimagined

From the very beginning, the Melges IC37 Class was developed to create a racing experience unlike any other. The boat itself is innovative and elegant in a thoughtfully simple way. One set of three sails for all conditions, a rig designed to trim and go, only essential instruments. And yet, remarkable performance in all conditions.

But the IC37 is more than just a new boat. It is an innovative amateur one-design class designed to race with a crew of family and friends. Men and women. Young and not so young. Sailors who race for the love and joy of the sport.

And all making possible what many sailors seek: the opportunity to test their preparation, skill, and teamwork on the most level playing field available. Which is why the IC37 is the boat of choice for the Rolex New York Yacht Club Invitational Cup and the Canada’s Cup.

The racing is fast, fun, furious — and most of all, joyful.



  • The New York Yacht Club committed to a 20-boat fleet for member charter ensuring there is great one-design racing from the outset of the class.

  • The IC37 was designed by Mark Mills, one of the most respected yacht designers of this era, adept at drawing boats that succeed both as one-designs and in handicap competition.

  • Westerly Marine (Santa Ana, Calif.) and FIBRE Mechanics (Lymington, U.K.) are building boats to exacting specifications while Melges Performance Sailboats, the leading name in top-level one-design competition, handles the sales, marketing and class management.


  • The IC37 by Melges is a moderate displacement keelboat that is fun to sail and accessible to the majority of amateur sailors of all genders - in fact, having a coed crew is a class rule.

  • While there is every expectation that this boat will be a weapon in handicap racing, both around the buoys and on coastal races, the IC37 will be in its true element fighting tooth and nail for inches amongst a fleet of two dozen or more identical yachts.


  • The IC37 by Melges is the boat of choice for top international competitions such as the Rolex New York Yacht Club Invitational Cup and the Canada’s Cup.

  • Sailing World Magazine named the IC37 the 2019 Corinthian Boat of the Year.

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